Earth Day Preschool Theme Crafts

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by Aunt B

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Earth Day Crafts for Kids


Paper Plates
Paint 2 paper plates blue. Once the plates have dried, have your child drip green paint on one paper plate and then drip brown on the second paper plate. Put the plates together and it will form a neat pattern of the Earth.

Earth Day Bracelet

Contact Paper

Cut contact paper into a long strip to form a bracelet. Make the bracelet so that it will be sticky side up. Go on a nature walk and let your children put whatever they find (grass, flowers, feathers, sticks, pebbles, etc) on the bracelet.

Litter Bug

Misc. Craft Items such as
Paper Towel Rolls
Pipe Cleaners

Using your misc. craft supplies and your imagination create your own Litter Bug. Be sure to make it an ugly little bug. Use this bug to show that this is what you look like when you don’t through your trash away.

Indoor Terrarium

Permanent Black Marker
Very Sharp Scissors or Knife (used ONLY by parents)
Potting Soil
2 Liter Soda Bottle w/ cap

Take the label off the bottle. Save the CAP! Wash and rinse out the bottle and the cap. Cut the bottle near the bottom, a good place to do this is at the bottom of where the label was. Fill the bottom with your soil. Make sure to leave the soil loose. Do NOT pack it down. Plant a few seeds in the dirt and lightly water. Place the cap on the bottle. Cover the bottom with the top of the bottle. You will have to play around with it to get the top to fit inside the bottom. Place it in a sunny spot and watch your seeds grow.

Earth Day Shirt

Brown and Green Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
White t-shirt
Paint your child’s arm brown and your child’s hand green. Place the painted side of the arm and hand down on the white t-shirt. You can write Earth Day 200- on the shirt also.

Recommended Earth Day Books to Read

Earth Day–Hooray!
by Stuart J. Murphy
Earth Day is on the way, and Ryan, Luke, and Carly have a plan. If they manage to collect and recycle 5,000 aluminum cans, they can make enough money to buy some beautiful flowers for nearby Gilroy Park.

Lets Celebrate Earth Day
by Peter Roop
Using a question-and-answer format, the Roops introduce the history and importance of Earth Day. They discuss Senator Gaylord Nelson’s creation of the celebration in 1970; the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire that led to the Clean Water Act; the concept of endangered species; some positive results of forest fires; and recycling.

Recycle! : A Handbook for Kids
by Gail Gibbons
How to recycle various products to cut down on the need for landfills–for which space is already in short supply.

Earth Day Cooking with Kids

Dirt Cups

Chocolate Pudding Mix
Oreo Cookies
Gummy Worms
Cool Whip
Zip Lock Bags

In a zip lock bag place Oreo cookies, have your child break them up by banging the bag. Cover bottom of cups with crumbled Oreos. Combined pudding mix and milk to make your pudding, pour into cups; leaving 1/2 an inch of space at the top. Refrigerate pudding until set. Add crumbled Oreos to the top of each cup and garnish with a gummy worm.

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