Father’s Day Preschool Theme Craft Ideas

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by Aunt B

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Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Scroll Father’s Day Card

2 Craft Sticks
Glue or Tape
Paper of choice (recommend heavy paper)
Ribbon or Yarn

Cut paper to be about ¼” smaller then the craft stick on either side. Glue or tape the craft stick to the top and bottom of the paper. Draw a picture or write something nice for Dad on the inside. Sign you name at the bottom. (I always encourage date too.) Next you need to roll up the scroll from top and bottom at the same time, to meet in the middle. Once rolled up secure the scroll with ribbon or yarn.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Back Massager

4 Large wooden macramé beads or spools from used thread.
Twine or cord – 60” long

Measure and cut twine/cord into two 30” pieces. Place the four spools or beads in a line leaving 3” between each one. String one cord in and out of each spool. Starting from the top left, go down then up the next spool/bead, go down and up the third spool/bead and down and up the 4th spool/bead. Leave approximately 3” of twine/cord in between each one. Next start on the right and do the same thing. This will give you a ladder affect to your spool/beads. Tie a double knot on left end spool and right end spool, where two cords meet. Tie both ends together. This will form handles at both ends.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Dad take Notes!

Small Note Pad
Thick Foam Board or Piece of Wood
Paint of choice or Markers
Optional Stickers or Pictures

First you want to lay out your small note pad on your board. Trace your pad with the pencil, this way you can design your board and know where not to paint, draw or place stickers/pictures. Next design your board how ever you choose.

** See optional at bottom.

** Once you have finished decorating your board, glue the small not pad to your board.

** If you use a piece of wood board you can place stickers and pictures of you and dad all around and seal it with a coat or two of clear varnish. Do this in a well ventilated area with the help of Mom. Once dry you will want to connect the note pad using a glue gun instead of white glue**

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Soap on a Rope

New Bar of Soap
Yarn Needle
Yarn, Twine or Shoelace
Hot Plate or Old Electric Fry Pan
Gift Wrap or Small Picture from a Greeting Card
Coffee Can

Carefully poke a hole in the bar of soap with yarn needle.

Cut gift wrap scrap or picture from greeting card slightly smaller then the soap.
Dip back side of the picture in water and place on the soap. It will stick. Smooth out any air bubbles. Place the coffee can in the fry pan or on hot plate. Fill with paraffin, melt at a low temperature. Carefully turn soap upside down and dip into melt paraffin up to the depth of ½” or ¼”. This will coat the picture and make a permanent design on the soap. Quickly lift out soap and let dry. Thread twine, yarn or shoelace through hole to hang.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: My Kids Walk All Over Me Shirt/Apron

Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
Children’s Feet
Fabric Pen (Black)
T-Shirt (light color) / Apron
Baby Wipes (to make cleaning feet easier)
Card Board to place inside the shirt.

First assign a color to each child in the family. Next paint their feet with this color and have them walk on the shirt. They may only get one foot print at a time so make sure to take your time. (Use the baby wipes to wipe off extra paint from your child’s foot)

Do one side then wait till dry and repeat on the other. If you are making an apron you only need to do one side. Your child’s whole foot print does not need to be on the shirt every time you make a print. Once the shirt is dry go back with either with Black Fabric Paint and a steady hand or with a Black Fabric Pen write My Kids Walk All Me! Also you can go back and write real small next to one foot print per each child their name so that Dad and other’s know whose foot belong to whom.

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