Is your Computer Organized?

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computer-foldersDo you use your computer for business only or maybe for the family? Organizing your computer is a must in either case. It’s important and will save time in the long run. You will need to organize your files and your e-mail to make the best of this tip.

Let’s start with the computer first and then work our way to the e-mail.

Whether your computer is strictly for business or if you use it for the family as well, these tips will work either way. Let’s focus on the business side in this article

•    Files

Create a file for each business you run. If you have clients, you may want to consider creating one for each client. Within each of these files you will need to categorize your files based on what they are. If you have a number of documents that are the same type, they should all go in a file together.

Creating as many files as you can will help you find documents easier. When you do this it will save you so much time because you won’t have to search through each document. You will go right to the file you need and the document will be right there.

This process will take a while at first, but keeping up on this process with each document you create or save will be easy to do. Make it a habit to do this every time and you will be thankful you did.

If you have space issues on your computer, you may want to consider using an external hard drive for some or all of your files. I recommend using it for files that either you won’t use anymore, but don’t want to delete or ones that you don’t use that often. If you have a laptop, it may be a little difficult to keep the hard drive plugged in all the time so this is one reason why you may want to use it for files you won’t use a lot.

•    E-mail

If you receive a large amount of e-mails from one person, you will want to create a folder for them. Any e-mails you send to this person or receive from them, you’ll want to put them in this folder. You can also create a folder for newsletters, training e-mails, or e-mails you will want to review later.

The main reason you will want to create these folders is to clean up your e-mail so you won’t have any rejected do to space limits. When you move your files over, you will have more space. Another reason you will want to do this is so you will spend less time searching for files from a specific person or topic. Some e-mail company’s delete files after a certain amount of time has pasted. This could cause a problem later on if you need to go back to one that passes this date.

Another option for your e-mails would be to save them as documents on your hard drive. This will help you keep them out of your e-mail, but if your computer crashes they will be gone if you don’t back it up regularly. It is an option that you may want to consider.

Creating folders for documents and e-mails is a must when you are trying to organize your computer. Files will keep your computer clean and tidy and it will save you time and stress each time you go to look for a document or e-mail. Give it a try today!

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