Creative Ways to Recycle CDs

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Creative Ways to Recycle Unused CDs

If you’re like me, you probably have a truck load of old CDs that you no longer want or listen to but have simply not gotten around to tossing in the trash or taking to Goodwill. Well, don’t throw those babies out just yet! Instead, gather the kids and recycle them to create funky and usable objets d’art!

• Use them as a base for miniatures. Create your own village by gluing glass or plastic figurines, trees, buildings, etc. to the shiny side of the CD.

• Glue flat-bottomed marbles around the outside edge of the shiny side of a CD and glue a magnet strip on the back. Attach stickers or photos in the center to create a large magnet for your refrigerator or your child’s school locker.

• Craft a set of matching coasters using stickers, paint pens, self-adhesive paper and other decorative items. Glue felt “buttons” on the bottom to protect wood surfaces.

• Make a hippie-style doorway by painting both sides of several CDs then tying them together in strands of 10-15 CDs and hanging the individual strands in an open doorway.

• Craft a CD wall hanging by decorating several CDs in complementing colors or designs then gluing them to a large piece of poster board or cardboard.

• In the same way, use CDs to make a flag by painting them in the desired colors and gluing to a cardboard or poster board backing.

• Make a unique letter or napkin holder by covering two CDs with self-adhesive paper on both sides and inserting about one inch of each CD into a Styrofoam square painted to match. Decorate with a sprig of silk flowers on the front for added attraction.

• Use chalkboard paint to cover a CD and create a miniature chalkboard to hold notes and messages. Attach a magnet to the back so you can hang it on the fridge.

• Attach cork to the front of nine CDs. Glue them onto wood or heavy cardboard in three rows of three CDs each to create a bulletin board ready to hold ticket stubs, photos and other memorabilia.

• CDs make excellent candle holders. Place a large pillar in the center of one and create a warm, reflective centerpiece for your dining room table or living room.

• Glue two CDs together, shiny sides out. Use a heated needle or hole punch (don’t forget the goggles!) to make a hole in the top for hanging. Hang in the window to catch the sun!

• Welcome your guests with a CD wreath by covering a Styrofoam or cardboard wreath shape with plain or decorated CDs. Add a large ribbon bow for color and interest.

• Cover a CD with spray adhesive and sprinkle on glitter or faux snowflakes to create a winter holiday scene. Add a couple snow people figures and you’re good to go!

• Paint a CD or cover with self-adhesive paper, then add numbers and clock works to create a one-of-a-kind clock for a teen’s room or den.

• Label CDs with the items you plant in your garden and attach them to stakes at the end of each row so you’ll know what you planted.

• No need to buy reflectors for the end of your driveway. Simply attach a CD to a small stake and post in place with one facing each side of the road.

• Create a glittering mosaic wall hanging by gluing a variety of colored beads to the shiny side of a CD leaving random spaces for the “mirror” to show through and reflect the beads.

• Who needs wallpaper? Use CDs to create a unique border around the ceiling in your teen’s room or cover a whole wall with them. An added bonus is that they’re easy to clean.

Think twice the next time you start to toss that unused CD! These are just a few of the myriad of ways to reuse and recycle them into something truly original for yourself and your home.

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