Frugal Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Are you ready for some more holiday ideas? Today we’ll talk about frugal holiday decorations. By the way, I’m Susanne – aka the Hillbilly Housewife and Nicole is nice enough to allow me to post on her blog this week and I’ve been having a great time sharing a few of my favorite frugal holiday tips.

Basket Of PineconesKeep It Simple

You don’t have to do a lot of fancy holiday decorating. Some simple little things will turn your home from plain to ready for the holidays.  Take a look at this basket of pine cones for example. Use a basket you have, or get an inexpensive one and then go out in the woods and grab some pine cones and pine needles.

Keep your holiday cards, then string a ribbon across the top of your fireplace, a wall in the kitchen etc. and clip your card to the ribbon with clothespins for an instant holiday touch.  Arrange a few candles on a large plate and scatter a few ornaments or more pine needles and cones around it for a festive centerpiece.

Repurpose What You Already Have

Use some things you already have around the house and make some minor changes to give them a holiday touch. Do you have a red table cloth? Add a little green for the perfect holiday touch. Or use a white table cloth and add a red and green table runner or some placements to give that holiday feel.

Get out any red and green throw pillows and blankets you have and scatter them about the couch and chairs in your living room.

The Dollar Store, Thrift Stores and Yard Sales

I love to look for holiday decorations at all three of these. We found the cutest Nut Crackers for 25 cents each at a yard sale in the middle of summer. They now line our fireplace each holiday season. You can also find plenty of “slightly used” holiday decorations at thrift stores. I picked up some cute holiday mugs there for 10 cents a piece. They sit on a little shelf my husband made for me in the kitchen spreading holiday cheer.

The dollar store is perfect for all kinds of little knick-knacks and do-dads. You can also pick up some pretty large bows there. I usually get one of them and tack it to my front door.

Last but not least I have a cute video to share with you from my friends Jill and Tawra at Jill shows you how to make an adorable Candy Christmas Wreath. Enjoy.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with some great holiday meal planning tips.

Susanne – The Hillbilly Housewife

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