Kids Will Love These Frozen Smoothies For Snack

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I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to get my little girl to eat healthier and that of course includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. One of the things I love best about summer is all the fresh product that’s available. Getting our children to eat them though can be a different story. Let’s surprise them with a yummy frozen treat this week that looks a lot like a milkshake. In fact, you may want to call it that when you serve up the smoothies. The fact that this drink is actually made from things like fruit, milk and yogurt can be our little secret.

You can make smoothies from all sorts of different fruits and those can be either fresh or frozen. Popular choices are berries, bananas, pineapple and peach. Of course you can mix and match just about any fruits. Just toss whatever sounds good to you in the blender. Start with some fruit and flavors that you know your child loves. If she loves peaches and vanilla ice cream, why not make a smoothie with frozen peaches, low-fat vanilla yogurt and a good splash of milk. For chocolate lovers, try blending frozen banana and chocolate milk.

Once you have them addicted to these delicious frozen drinks, you can start to incorporate other types of fruits like kiwis, mango, papaya and melons. One thing to keep in mind is that kids like their frozen treats sweet. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little sugar or honey to their smoothies.

My daughter’s favorite right now is this strawberry banana smoothie recipe, but she also enjoys a yummy banana smoothie or even mango and pineapple ones. Give a few different smoothie recipes a try and I am sure you find one that your kids will love.

Of course you don’t have to use yogurt or even milk. Smoothies can be made with fruit juice as well; orange juice is always a popular ingredient at my house. Rice, almond and soy milk are good dairy-free alternatives. Don’t forget to make your own smoothie by the way. You can benefit from all the extra fruit just as much as your kids.

You can even sneak some vegetables into your smoothies. The now famous green smoothie is a good example of that. Start with something simple like adding some carrot juice to your favorite fruit smoothie. I also like a little spinach or celery in my smoothies. I usually end to leave dairy products out of it when I include vegetables.

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