How do I get More Traffic to My Site?

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My website ( was created late last year by a web designer. She maintains the site for me and I have absolutely NO knowledge of anything having to do with web construction or maintenance. I have very good results with people who have visited my site and asked to be contacted, but my problem is driving more traffic to my site. I do quite a bit of online advertising, but I’m thinking maybe I need to branch out from WAHM sites and start advertising on other types of sites. Any ideas? I’m drawing a blank as to what other types of sites I can advertise on. Or, is there a better way to drive traffic to my site? Ellen

Response …

Hi Ellen! Thank you for this great question and for being willing to be my example. Your question is a great one, because it applies to so many Work at Home Moms. They may have purchased a site through their company or be in a situation like you where you don’t know or necessarily want to learn Search Engine Optimization. You just want TRAFFIC!

The best news is that you are getting a good response from the visitors that come to your site. That means that your content on your site is working! That deserves Congrats!!!

1.Truth About Traffic – What works and What is a waste of your time and money. This course is great for your situation because it shows you mostly what NOT to do. And, it’s great for those who are interested in Search Engine Optimization, too, but, for you, I’d recommend listening to the first half on what not to do and the rest is optional.

2.Write Articles – This can be a hard one to understand and to get started. I hope my step-by-step lesson helps!

3.Press Releases – Take this press release tutorial and learn how to get FREE exposure for your business. Placing ads in newspapers all over the country can get expensive … unless you know how to play the Press Release game.

4.Write an Ebook – It’s a great way to promote your products!

*Want to start today? I recommend the OneMinuteEbook.

5.Newsletter/Ezine – If you’ve followed my advice, you’re doing a lot of writing for Articles and Press Releases. Take full advantage of all the great things you’ve written and start a Newsletter and build a membership.

*It’s All In The List – Why start an Ezine?

*11 Ways to Quickly Build Your List! – How to Make it Grow?

*Autoresponder – An good autoresponder makes selling your products and promoting your affiliate programs so much easier! I use this and can’t live without it. If you have questions, contact me.

6.Blog – Start a blog and talk about your business.

7.Promote Your Website – Read these ways to promote your website offline and online.

This is just a partial list and I’ll add to it in the coming weeks as I come up with more resources and ideas.

I hope this helps you plan your marketing strategy!

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