12 No or Low Cost Date Night Ideas

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I was chatting with my sister on Twitter and she was saying how she and her hubby hardly ever get out for a date night due to low finances and so on which spurred the idea for this post. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for date nights with your hubby, as well! As a married couple, date nights are important to do because they keep your marriage fresh, as when you were dating! So, be sure to set aside one night every week for date night!

1. Trade babysitting with a friend or family member so you and your hubby can go out, or just spend time alone together at the house.

2. Rent movies instead of going to the theater. Get one for the kids to watch in another room while you and hubby watch yours together; make sure it’s a romantic movie, not a violent, action filled on the edge of your seat kind, for obvious reasons.

3. Offer to do some acts of kindness for a friend in trade for babysitting.

4. Make your dining area romantic with candles and have a special dinner right at home. You could even have a friend make it and serve it to you, as if in a fancy restaurant.

5. Go window shopping together. The Holiday season is the perfect time to just go out and look. It may even give your hubby ideas of what to buy you for Christmas!

6. Go to another couple’s house and have a double date. Play games or watch movies.

7. Go out for just dessert instead of the whole enchilada.

8. Go to your favorite coffee house and just relax for an hour or two and chit chat.

9. Look for coupons in the newspapers or on line to your favorite restaurant.

10. In the summer, have a special cookout for just the two of you. Set up your deck, patio, porch or yard with a table and two chairs, some flowers and have steak and wine outside.

11. Go for a walk around town, downtown, in your neighborhood or in a park. Hold hands and talk while you walk.

12. Go for a nice drive. With gas prices dropping, it’s much more affordable. Put on some romantic music, and just talk. Be sure to hold hands too!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The important thing is to be sure to set aside one night every week for just you and your hubby. Your marriage will be much stronger and you may even see the man you knew before you got married again!

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