5 Traits To Becoming a Good Leader

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Jack Layton's holiday partyWhether on purpose or by accident, you just recruited your first person into your direct sales company! You’re excited, she’s excited and you are both ready to hit the streets running.

How do you know if you’re a good leader or not? By making yourself aware of the 5 Traits of a Good Leader. If you don’t already have these traits, learn them. Yes, Virginia, leadership can be learned.

A Good Leader Is A Leader

Have you ever heard the saying: if you’re leading but no one is following you are just taking a walk. That is so true. A good leader inspires people to follow them. When you are lead someone, you are teaching them, standing by their side and serving them. Yes, serving them. They will grow because of your example.

It’s like teaching your kids. You can’t teach them to do the dishes if you don’t ever do them. You need to stand with them the first few times and do the dishes with them. Then when they are ready to do it by themselves the dishes will be all nice and clean, rinsed, dried and put away properly.
Same goes when you are in leadership. Show them how to do it, and then do it with them. Then help them when they first step out on their own. Yes, it takes time and energy, but there is no place better to invest your time and energy than in helping someone else!

A Good Leader is Good Listener

A good leader doesn’t then they know everything and will listen to what others have to say. A good leader is someone you know can go to when you need help. A good leader also knows that it takes too much time and energy to listen to too much whining and complaining. You will need some discernment when you are a leader and you will have to know how to politely turn away from this type of talk.

A Good Leader is Available

Good leaders make time for their recruits and hostesses by adding it into their daily calendar. Some leaders have a set schedule for seeing recruits, but they also know emergencies can come up and can plan accordingly.

A Good Leader is Organized

Being organized and having the ability to prioritize is another good trait to have. This is not only true in their business, but is also true in their personal lives. They know family is most important and if they don’t know how to balance family and business already it is something they learn quickly to do. If you do not know how to organize and prioritize your business and personal lives, there is tons of material out there that can help you with this.

A Good Leader Perseveres

A good leader doesn’t let obstacles stand in the way of their goals. In other words, they know how to overcome obstacles or work around them. Also, they don’t let negative people stand in their way. You should know how to block the negative and absorb the positive. Believe me, when you are in leadership, you will hear it all! Filter out the bad, and keep the good and don’t let obstacles stop you from reaching your goals.
By learning or improving these five traits you are well on your way to being an effective leader. Someone that other people want to work with. If you’re still unsure get some books, attend some classes and learn from someone who is a good leader in your personal life, like your pastor, a teacher or your sales director. Good leadership can be learned!

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