Make a list and check it twice!

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Last Minute Checklist for an Organized Holiday

For your business:

  • Have you changed your voicemail greeting to reflect what your hours/availability will be during the holidays?
  • Have you created an auto respond for your email account? (since you won’t be checking it as often- you will be spending quality time with your family)
  • Have you mailed (or emailed if sending e-cards) your holiday cards to your past, present and future clients?
  • Have you recognized your “special” clients with a token gift of appreciation?
  • Have you planned your schedule so that you will complete important tasks before the holidays and have other important work scheduled after the holidays so that you can relax and enjoy some time off?
  • If you are in direct sales have you booked January solid to kick off your business in the New Year?
  • Have you RSVP’d to any networking holiday parties and declined those you aren’t able to attend?
  • Have you done something special for those people that help you be successful? (your babysitter, virtual assistant, sponsor, etc)

For your home/family:

  • Are the decorations up?
  • Have you taken the time to enjoy the season with your kids? It can be through baking cookies, wrapping gifts, listening to Christmas carols. But, whatever it is for your family, take the time to do it!
  • Have you mailed out your family’s holiday cards/letters?
  • Have you made sure there are batteries for every gift you purchased and some extra for those gifts others will purchase for your kids but not bring batteries for?
  • Are your digital camera, camcorder and other electronic devices charged and ready to capture those priceless holiday memories?
  • Do you have plenty of tape and wrapping materials available to avoid last minute runs to the store?
  • Do you have a few extra wrapped gifts for those people that you don’t think you are exchanging gifts with but will inevitable show up with something for you?
  • Do you have the menu planned for whatever events you are hosting this season?
  • Have you chosen the outfits you will wear to parties and made sure that you have all the accessories you need and that the pantyhose (ugh, if you still wear them) needed for the dress are free of runs?
  • Have you set a budget for holiday spending? Have you checked your receipts to give you a realistic idea of where you are compared to where you wanted to be according to the budget?
  • Have you made a list of the housecleaning chores you want to complete before any company arrives? A list will help insure that you don’t forget anything, like those dust bunnies in the guest room.
  • Are you keeping a running list for the grocery store? Plan to finish all food shopping by the 21st. Plan ahead and avoid headaches for yourself later!
  • Have you included ways you and your family can give back to those less fortunate this season? There are few things that can bring your family close together like serving others as a family!
  • Do you have a back-up plan for your kids if they get bored at Aunt Betty’s? Bring a board game, hand held video game, movies, etc. Instead of expecting your kids to be “perfect” have activities on hand that will keep them occupied and everyone more comfortable.

For you:

  • Are you making it a priority to de-stress as much as possible?
  • Have you pampered yourself? Gotten a pedicure? Holiday manicure? Bought a snazzy handbag? Take care of yourself this season!
  • Have you put aside old grievances and decided to just get along with family members and spare the drama this year?
  • Have you made your goals for the upcoming year? Dream big!

Remember that an organized and planned holiday season will take effort. But, it is effort that will be well spent so that you can have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday with your family!

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