Making Your Holiday Dollar Go Further At The Dollar Store

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Let’s face it this holiday season is a tight one for many of us. Finding great ways to make that dollar stretch as far as it can is something we are all looking to do. Well you just may want to consider your local Dollar Store. You know the store, the one where there are no price tags, because everything in the store is one dollar.

1. Holiday Lights – small strands but great for small trees

2. Holiday Decorations – you can find yard signs and knick knacks

3. Candles – they come in a wide variety of color and scents

4. Christmas Ornaments

5. Gift Wrap – both rolled and folded

6. Tissue Paper – Holiday colors and designs

7. Ribbons – various colors and designs

8. Bows – traditional and curly

9. Gift Bags – variety of sizes and holiday designs

10. Gift Boxes – variety of sizes and holiday designs

11. Gift Tags

12. Greeting Cards – both boxed and singles

13. Holiday Paper Plates

14. Holiday Napkins

15. Holiday Paper Table Cloths

16. Holiday Glasses

17. Plastic Knives, forks and spoons – available in red and green for those holiday parties

18. Holiday Candy – for stockings and parties

19. Holiday Balloons – both plain and the helium type

20. Stocking Stuffers – tooth brushes, playing cards, hair accessories

21. Small gifts for kids – magic kits, coloring books etc

22. Stuffed animals – nice gift material

23. Craft Supplies – for those holiday projects glitter, felt, glue, pipe cleaners, etc

24. Sodas – 3-liter for those holiday parties

25. Chips and crackers – again for those holiday parties

26. Spices – for that holiday baking

27. Cake mixes – for those last minute cupcakes

28. Cleaning supplies – because you know you will need them

29. Garbage Bags – To dispose of all the gift wrapping after the kids tear it apart

30. Chocolates – cause once in a while mom needs some during the holidays

The Dollar Store can have some very good finds. Yours may carry different items than I can find at mine. Take a look and see what you can find at your Dollar Store. Let them help stretch your holiday dollar this year!

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