Master Bedroom Organization Ideas

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All too often our master bedroom becomes the “dumping ground” when company comes.  We do a quick sweep of the house and anything we don’t know what else to do with ends up there. We close the door and forget about it.  Then we don’t know what else to do with the stuff. It stays, and the pile accumulates more things until eventually you feel as if it has taken over the room.

Start your project by sorting out these homeless items based on where they should really belong, and once you have them organized in boxes at least get them to their proper rooms.  Worry about putting them away later; at least they’re out of the bedroom.

There never seems to be enough closet space in the master bedroom. It is a good idea to check out the new storage units that help maximize what space you do have.  There are even services that help you to design a closet storage system, but with a little time and research, it can be done on your own.

Sort out your clothes by season first, and decide where to store the out of season clothes. Under the bed storage boxes work great for them.

As you go through the clothes, decide if there are things that don’t fit and decide if you really need to keep them, or have a garage sale or just donate them.  If you have clothes that still fit but haven’t been worn in over a year, really think about whether or not you ever will wear them again.  This process will free up a lot of closet space.

Another trouble spot is the top of dressers.  We tend to just leave things for later and find that later never comes.  If you’ve already gotten rid of the things that don’t belong in the bedroom, there shouldn’t be much left there that needs sorting but you will want to develop an organizational system to keep things neat from here on out.

In order to stay ahead of the clutter that gathers on top of the dresser, decide what needs to be there, and how to organize it.  Baskets work well to hold lotions and incidentals.  They also help break up the flat surfaces that tend to collect other things.  Use some simple plastic boxes in your top drawers to keep track of the little items that often end up rolling around with your socks.

Your bedroom is a haven. You’ll find that you get better rest and a brighter start to each day when your environment is neat and orderly.

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