Organizing your Photos Part 2

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Picture of Polaroid PicturesIn the first article of this two part series we talked about organizing the photos you have on your computer. We talked about using folders and placing them in those folders based on the photo.

In this article we will talk about the ways you can organize your printed photos. These photos can be printed from a professional, from a place like Walmart, or from your own printer.

•    Photo Albums

Photo Albums are a great way to organize your photos. You can do a photo album for each of your family members, one for each vacation you go on, or one for each special occasion you have.

Photo Albums have a protective cover that protects your pictures from damage. The cover on the outside also helps protect the pictures on the inside. They have colored covers and they also have ones that allow you to put a photo in the front. You can also find albums that are specific for weddings and other special occasions.

•    Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are perfect for any occasion. You can create scrapbooks that are themed and do fun things with the pictures, words, and other decorations. You can purchase special paper that goes with your theme along with stickers that have words and pictures in them, and you can include other special things that go along with your theme.

Weddings, birthdays, sporting events, and the birth of a baby are just a few of the occasions that you can create a scrapbook for. They do take a bit of time to create, but the end result will be one that you will enjoy for a life time. They are so much fun to put together and you can let the creative side of you come out.

Scrapbooks are a great way to protect your pictures and make a wonderful book that you will be happy to give away, show to others, or keep for yourself to look at whenever you want.

One advantage to printing your photos and putting them in a book of some type is that you don’t have to worry about your computer crashing and losing all of them. You don’t have to worry about technology changing and you find out you can’t access your photos because the option you chose doesn’t work with your computer.

One disadvantage to not storing your photos online is you run the risk of them being damaged in a flood or fire. Unfortunately you run the risk with just about any option you choose.

So don’t worry about the right or wrong way to store your photos. Decide what will work for you and go with it. You may find that you want to have some online that you can share with others and you may want to create a scrapbook or put some in photo albums to show to others when them come to visit.

Pictures are a great way to remember special occasions or to keep precious memories from ever fading from your memory. You don’t need a special camera or any special software to keep your photos.  Use what you have and what you can afford and you will be happy with the outcome. So take all the pictures you want because you have all the options you want to keep them forever.

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