Space Preschool Theme Crafts and Activities for Kids

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by Aunt B

Space Crafts for Kids

Shape Ship

Shapes cut out of different colors of construction paper
Solid piece of black construction paper
Glue stick
Silver star stickers

Using your black piece of construction paper as a background lay out your shapes to create a one of a kind space ship. Once you have the design chosen use your glue stick to glue it into place. Next place the silver star stickers all around the shape ship.

Star’s On the Wall

Toilet Paper Roll
Black Construction Paper
Push Pin or Safety Pin
Flash Light

Tape a piece of black construction paper on to one end of the toilet paper tube. Using your pin pock small holes in the black paper. Place the other end of the tube onto your flash light and shine it on the wall. This will make your wall look like the star filled sky.

Moon Rocks Hunt

Glow in the dark Paint
Large sized rocks (about the size of a child’s palm)
Paint brushes

Lay out your newspaper to protect the table from any paint. Next paint your rocks in the glow in the dark paint. Be sure to cover the whole rock in the paint. Set the rocks under a lamp to charge the paint up for about a half hour before you begin. Once it is dark outside. Mom, hide these rocks outside (in the backyard) and let your children enjoy going on a moon rock hunt. (For children who are not sure of the dark, be sure to send them on their hunt with a flash light.)

Space Activity for Kids

Moon Walking Shoes

Thick sponges
Rubber Bands or String

Tie thick sponges to the bottom of your child’s shoes. This will give your child the feeling of walking on the moon.

Great Space Books for Kids

There’s No Place Like Space : All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

Go on a whirlwind tour of our solar system, with a few constellations thrown in for good measure. Cat in the Hat (along with beloved Thing One and Thing Two) straps on his space suit and rhymes his way among the nine planets, presenting important facts along the way. Where else could your preschooler learn phonics and astronomy at same time?

The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System (Magic School Bus)
by Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen
This latest expedition, on which the energetic Miss Frizzle offers a tour of the planets, should not be missed. When a closed planetarium disappoints her students on a class trip, the likable teacher saves the day. She manages to launch her rickety school bus into space and steers it around the solar system, visiting the moon, the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars before an asteroid knocks out one of the taillights. When Miss Frizzle leaves the bus to investigate, she gets lost in space, and the students visit the outer planets without her. They reconnect with her eventually, and the group ends up back in the classroom, making a chart and a mobile based on their discoveries.

Stanley in Space (Flat Stanley)
by Jeff Brown, Scott Nash
When the residents of a far-distant planet send a message to Earth asking for someone to meet with them, the President of the United States asks Stanley Lambchop, an all-American boy, to be his ambassador.

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