Save Gas While Driving

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With high gas prices, using less gas means more money in your pocket. Here are some tips on how you can save gas while driving. Implement a few of these suggestions to get more miles for the gallon.

Saving Gas By Changing Your Driving

We don’t have control over the price per gallon of gasoline, but we can change how much we spend on gas each week by the way we drive. Here are some tips to start saving gas by changing your driving.

Think Twice Before You Drive

Avoid unnecessary trips and combine errand whenever possible. You can look into carpooling with a colleague, or sharing the responsibility of driving the kids to school or afternoon activities with other parents. Driving less is the most effective way to save gas. Get creative and come up with ways to get through your day without using the car as much.

Don’t Speed

Driving the speed limit can save you as much as 10% on your gas mileage. All you have to do is to stop speeding and take your time. You’ll be saving a few bucks a week on gas and don’t risk getting a speeding ticket and the fines involved.

Use The Highest Gear You Can

If you are driving a manual transmission, shift up earlier and drive in the highest gear your car can handle. You and your gar will go further on each gallon of gas.

Avoid Rush Hour And Busy Streets

Sitting in your car with the motor running while you’re not driving gives you gas mileage of 0 miles an hour. Avoid this by not driving in rush hour whenever possible. It may also be worth staying away from busy streets where you know traffic is going to be stop and go.

Turn Off The AC

Running your Air Conditioner in the car will worsen the gas mileage you get. Instead of relying on your AC to cool off the car, park in the shade whenever possible and use a reflective sun shade across the windshield. If there is a lot of heat in the car, open opposite doors for a minute before cranking your car to let the heat escape. Leave the air conditioning off or run it at the lowest setting whenever possible.

By changing just a few of your driving habits, you can make a difference in how far those $50 of gas will take you. Give it a try.


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