The Benfits of a To-Do List

January 28, 2009 · Filed Under Stay at Home Sanity · 1 Comment 

to-do_listWhether you use a to-do list as a detailed way to schedule your day or just jot down a few points to keep you on track, the benefits of such a list are huge.

  1. A To-Do list is entirely customizable. You don’t have to try to fit your activities into a planned routine. You can work from top to bottom, bottom to top or completely randomly.
  2. A To-Do list helps you stay focused. When you are able to tell with a glance what needs to be done throughout your day it is easier to stay on track. There’s no need to wander around wondering what to do next. Just look at the list – it will tell you.
  3. A To-Do list ensures productivity. Even if you only cross one thing off your list throughout the course of a day, that’s one thing more than might have been done otherwise.
  4. A To-Do list provides a sense of accomplishment. There is no better feeling then physically crossing something off of a list.
  5. A To-Do list is flexible. If you do not get everything done on any given day, you can easily carry those items over to the next day’s list.

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