Organize Yard Sales and Sell Other People’s Property

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Teens are full of energy and great ideas. Most teens love to shop and have a great grasp of what things cost retail. Having a teen organize your yard sale and sell the items in your yard sale is a great way to take advantage of these skills.

Organizing and selling other people’s property is a monumental task. You’ll need to know the basic value of items at retail cost and then figure out how to discount them accordingly and place an appropriate value on the item. This will vary according to the economic area you live in and the social status of the area you live in.

It’s important to remember that you’ll be selling other people’s property and not your own. You’ll most likely be receiving a commission on what you do sell so be sure to sell things for the most profits while still providing a steep discount from a brand new purchase.

Depending on the situation you may be required to go into a home and sort through various items or the family may already have the items set aside that you’ll be selling. Figure your percentage accordingly or have a separate fee that you charge if you have to sort through the items at hand for the sale.

Setting your price you can take one of several routes. You can charge a flat rate for setting up and running the sale, or you can charge a percentage for the over all amount of the sale. If you have retail experience setting up the sale will be a breeze for you. If not, take a stroll around a typical junk store and see how things are set up and pattern your sale similarly.

Remember that some items may have been sentimental to a deceased loved one or the person themselves so treat all items with respect, even if it is an old dusty record album (think antique, rare items etc.).

On the day of the sale, arrive early and make sure all of the little details have been taken care of. Remain positive and encouraging to buyers as they stroll through the sale. Offer assistance or be willing to assist them in loading items up into their vehicle. Often this can gain you more sales simply by your attitude.

As items do sell, fill in the gaps around the sale by rearranging the items for sale. Occasionally a buyer that has been there previously will drive by and see the changes and think that you have put more things out and stop again. If they see something they didn’t notice before you might just gain another sale.

If you see a customer looking at an item and know there are more of said item available (perhaps only one is out or it falls into two separate categories so the items are placed in both categories) be sure to suggest it to shoppers. Likewise, if someone is interested in an item and you know of items that compliment said item be sure to mention it to the shopper.

Your job is selling other people’s property and you want to be the best possible sales person for your employer. In addition, the more you sell for your employer the more money you will make.

Honesty is very important to employers and well it should be. Have a cash box or cash “belt” handy at all times and make sure to keep money safe. Have plenty of change on hand as well. If someone walks in and wants to pay for a $2.00 item and only has a $20.00 bill you will need to be able to make the appropriate change. Do not use your pocket to keep the money in (it will appear you are pocketing your employer’s money) and do not just leave a cash box lying around on the ground or a table where anyone can access it. Let your employer see that you are responsible and will handle their money accordingly.

If you have large ticket items, group them in one location (even if they are different in style or category) so that you can keep a close eye on them. If you have some sort of a display case this would be perfect for expensive jewelry, coins, weapons (check local state laws on sales of all weapons) and such.

Selling other people’s property is a great job for any teen that enjoys organization and retail sales.

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