A Mom Knows She’s A Sports Mom When…

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By Paula Schmitt

As a mom there is life B.S. (before sports) and then there is life A.S. (after sports). To be quite honest, I have forgotten what it’s like to be a B.S. Mom as I’ve been a dedicated A.S. Mom for the past fourteen years. I know all too well what it’s like to be a SPORTS MOM.

A mom knows she’s a Sports Mom when…

She finds that her home and the surrounding yard of said home are decorated with every sports ball imaginable;

All of her clothing features the NIKE or REEBOK symbol;

She is off at a sports event 365 days of the year;

She’s on a first name basis with the staff at CHAMPS;

She understands and can explain to others the infield fly rule;

She considers the yearly school sports banquet a good night out;

She does all her holiday gift shopping at DICKS Sporting Goods Shop;

Her kids soccer coach asks her to tone it down a little (PLEASE);

She considers it a treat to have a “sit down meal” at Pizza Hut instead of the drive through at McDonalds;

She understands, can explain and demonstrate to others a reverse, behind the back lay-up;

She walks into her kids’ rooms and she is greeted by life-size posters of the entire L.A. Lakers basketball squad;

Her graduating senior refuses a full scholarship to Harvard because “Mom, their basketball team stinks”;

The high school basketball referees recognize her by voice alone;

She’s on a first name basis with the staff at the emergency room;

She thanks God for her Sports Mom status everyday.

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