How to Organize your Diaper Bag

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baby-bottle-pictureAs a mom, have you ever taken your baby with you to the store and in the process realized you forgot to back diapers in the diaper bag? There are so many things you need to bring. Most times there are things in there that we use at home as well. So these things will need to be removed but must be added when you go again.

Having an organized diaper bag is a must. When you forget something, you will either buy something that you don’t need or you will have to go home to get it. Of course diapers or wipes are things you will use, but you may have more than enough bottles or toys. Clothes, diapers, and wipes are expensive enough as it is, so spending money on bottles and toys is not necessary for sure.

Organizing your diaper bag and remembering to do it on a continual basis can be a challenge. Here are some tips that will help you.

•    Diapers

No matter how old your baby is, you should have at least four diapers in your bag at all times. Doesn’t matter how long you will be out. Anything can happen. When you get home, immediately replace the used diapers so you don’t forget when you leave.

•    Wipes

Wipes are a must so it’s a good idea to have them in the bag ready to go. Walmart has a trial size container of wipes that you can purchase. They usually hold a dozen or more. I suggest you refill that after each use as well. Place the new ones on the bottom so you use the older ones first.

•    Bottles

Bottles are important as a baby can get hungry or thirsty at any time. It’s a good idea to have at least one bottle in your bag at all times. Depending on the amount of time you will be out, you may need more than one since you might not be able to wash them out thoroughly after the use.

•    Blanket

It’s a good idea to have a receiving blanket in your bag just in case. It can be used to wrap your baby in if he gets cold, to lay down when you change a diaper, or wipe up a mess if your baby gets sick. If you use it, you’ll need to replace it otherwise it can stay in the bag.

The things listed above are the main things you will need. There are a few other items that you want to have in your diaper bag as well. These would include an extra outfit and a toy or two just in case.

Now the tricky part will be remembering to fill your diaper bag when you return home. Sometimes you may have things that need to be done right away and you may forget later. One idea is to put a note in the location where you put your bag that says to refill it. Once you follow this routine for a while it will become habit and you will automatically remember to do this either before or after.

When you follow these tips you will have everything you need the next time you go out. This will prevent you from leaving early or making an unnecessary trip home to get what you have forgotten.

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