Water Preschool Theme Crafts and Art

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by Aunt B

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Water Crafts for Kids

Bubble Painting Art

Small Cup
Finger Paint Paper

Fill the small cup about ¼ of the way with bubbles. Add a couple drops of paint. Mix this will the straw. Place the cup of bubble paint on top of the finger paint paper and blow through the straw. This will make bubbles and they will over flow on top of your paper making a wonderful painting.

Summer Sprinkle Painting

Powdered tempera paint in shaker-top cans
White construction paper
Plastic trash bags
Rain in the form of a sprinkle

Place the plastic trash bags out side on the ground. Sprinkle powdered tempera paint on to the white construction paper. Lay the white construction paper on the trash bags and step inside. Watch through a window how the rain sprinkle will turn the powdered paint into a beautiful piece of art work.

Squirt Bottle Painting

Squirt Bottle
Large Paper (Kraft Brown Paper is good)
Chain link fence
Clothes pins

Fill a squirt bottle with a 1 part paint 2 parts water mixture. Hang your large paper on a chain link fence with clothes pins. Squirt out a painting with your paint squirt bottles. I recommend you make up a couple different color bottles.

**Wear a smock**

Water Painting

Big Paint Brush
Fence or sidewalk

Fill a bucket with water. Next encourage your children to paint pictures with the water on the fence, sidewalk, or driveway. When the water dries it will disappear and your child can start over.

Water Art Books for Kids

Every child enjoys water color. Well these books are great all you do is add water and watch the pictures come to life with color.

Paint with Water Book to Color: Berry Fun! Strawberry Shortcake
by Dalmatian Press

Disney Princesses: Coloring, Paint With Water, Activities
by Golden Books

Flowers Preschool Theme Crafts

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by Aunt B

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Flowers Crafts for Kids

Garden of Tulips

Red Paint
Yellow Paint
Orange Paint
Paint Brush
Green Construction Paper
Light Color Construction paper

Using the brush, the paint the palm and four fingers with red paint. Press onto the upper half of your light color construction paper. While you wait for it to dry, cut green construction paper into leaves and a stem. Glue them to the bottom of the flower.
Repeat with yellow and orange paint and you have a garden of tulips.

Pressed Flowers

Small Flower or Weeds
2 Sheets Card Stock Paper
Heavy Books (or weight)
Clear Contact Paper

Collect the weeds and small wild flowers that you would like to save. Place 2 sheets of card stock paper into a book. In between the two sheets place your weeds or wild flowers. Close the large book and let sit. You can add more weight on top of the book if you would like.

Pressed flowers can be used to make bookmarks, pictures, greeting cards and more.


Golden Yellow Construction Paper
Sunflower Seeds
Paper Plate

Cut out oval shapes out of the golden yellow construction paper, enough to go around the paper plate. Cut off about ½ inch of the end of the oval to leave a flat side. This will look like a petal. Glue the petals on the edges of the paper plate and glue the real sunflower seeds in the middle.

** Add a personal touch by adding google eyes and a red yarn smile.**

Handprint Painted Flower Pots

Paint of any color
Clay Flower Pot
Seed packet
Potting Soil
Ziplock Bag

Have your child paint their hands one color at a time and place a hand print/finger prints on the outside of the pot. This will decorate your flower pot with a personal touch. While the pot is drying, scoop out enough potting soil for the flower pot into ziplock bag. When the pot is dry, place the potting soil bag and the seed packet into the flower pot and you have a great gift, perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentines or birthdays.

Recommended Books about Flowers

From Seed to Plant
by Gail Gibbons
A simple introduction to how plants reproduce, discussing pollination, seed dispersal, and growth from seed to plant.

The Tiny Seed (Aladdin Picture Books)
by Eric Carle
In autumn, a strong wind blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the land. One by one, many of the seeds are lost. But some survive the long winter and, come spring, sprout into plants, facing new dangers.

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds : A Book About How Living Things Grow (Magic School Bus)
by Joanna Cole
Ms. Frizzle’s class is growing a beautiful garden. But, Phoebe’s plot is empty. Her flowers are back at her old school! So, the class climbs aboard the Magic School Bus. And, of course, the kids don’t only go back to Phoebe’s school, but they go inside one of Phoebe’s flowers! Follow the kids’ adventure and learn how living things grow.

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