Party Plan Motivation Sales Team Training Theme

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Keep Your Home Party Sales Team Motivated

Is the room almost empty at your party plan sales meetings? You can keep your team members coming back for more when you use fun meeting themes.  When your sales reps have fun at the meetings, they will keep coming back.  Consultants who come to meetings will make more money. When a direct seller is generating income from a  home business, she or he will not quit.

Party Plan Team Building Workshop

The sales team meeting theme called plant the seeds of change is a good team meeting topic to conduct anytime between January and May. Whether you do party plan or just direct selling, send your reps an invitation and tell them to bring a package of flower or lettuce seeds. Be a little bit mysterious about it and do not give them a clue as to what they are for. On meeting day you come prepared with little “add water” pots of peat moss or small inexpensive flower pots and potting soil.

Fun Team Building Activities

First the team activities will include planting the seeds and mingling with each other.  While everyone is having fun and planting their seeds, present the topic, which is: “What you do today affects your business most three months from now, just like your garden.”  The message is: “You must sow the seeds to reap the benefits, then  cultivate them just like your garden seeds” in order to grow your business for the future.

  • Keep the focus of the meeting on something specific that you plan to focus on as a sales organization.

After the seeds are planted, then break off into roundtable discussions about the concept of sowing your business seeds now, cultivating them for a couple of months and then harvesting your crop or enjoying your flowers.

Motivation For Party Plan Bookings

Your motivational topic could be more party bookings.

  • How can you sow the seeds now for bookings? Phone calls, fairs, expos, team booking blitz, customer care..
  • After you get the bookings how will you cultivate them? Follow up calls, postcard reminders, host coaching, reminder calls…
  • When the harvest comes how can you improve sales, find recruits, get bookings at the shows and provide awesome customer care? Discuss options and get your sales team’s feedback.

Motivate Home Party Sales Team

The meeting topic can focus on any results that you want. The invitations to your reps can be by USPS mail or email. As a matter of fact, I recommend that in order to keep your team motivated to come to meetings that you use a different technique of inviting your consultants every month.  When you keep them guessing they will always come back for more.  Keep them guessing so that they are always wondering “what is she/he up to now?!” Meeting makers make more money. Switch up your meetings using this and other sales team themes to motivate your team to come to meetings.

When you create fun team meeting topics you will have better attendance at your meeting. Better attendance means more successful consultants and greater team retention. Visit where you can learn more team training ideas.

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