Home Party Plan Consultants Join Chamber

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No matter the size of your home party plan business, the local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with vital support.  They will also give you advice and services that help ensure your business is the success that you want it to be.

Why Home Party Plan Consultants Should Join Local Chamber of Commerce

If you have recently started a home party plan business, it is recommended that you join your local chamber of commerce. Your local chamber of commerce provides small businesses with the necessary advice and tools to ensure the business grows.

In the last decade there has been a significant rise in the number of people starting a home party plan business. They are particularly popular among stay-at-home moms or rather work-at-home moms.

A home party plan business suits work-at-home moms as this type of business typically has flexible working hours and demands the kind of creative skills that moms have. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated as a serious business.

Many large successful businesses started at home, businesses like Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, 31 Gifts and Tasteful Treasures to name a few. But none of these businesses would have grown into the successes they are today without assistance from the local chamber of commerce. A home party plan business should be treated with the same level of professionalism.

Party Plan Business Try Small Niche Chamber of Commerce

home party plan consultants join chamber of commerceIf your “official” local chamber is above your party plan business budget, then you may also consider some of the niche chambers if they are appropriate.  Most metropolitan areas have smaller chambers that services smaller specialization markets.  You may have as Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and more that you are not even aware of.  You do not necessarily have to be gay or Hispanic to join these groups.  (They will take anyone’s money.) When you join a niche chamber the important thing is that you are welcoming to that niche.  As long as your business is willing to serve the gay and lesbian market (and it is a big one) then it would be appropriate to join.

Of course chamber events provide many opportunities to network and in addition can be a vast source of advice to suit your needs. Both the main chamber of commerces and the niche groups provide the small business owner with a range of additional services including legal and accounting services, financial services, design and print services and office supplies.

They will also have services that will help you to devise a home party business plan which helps point you in the right direction and make sure that your home party plan business is a successful venture and not a party flop.

Direct Sales Training For Home Party Business

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Home Party Sales Down? Get Some Training!

So many sales consultants think that they do not have to go to training meetings.  Meetings are the key to party plan success. Direct sales training is necessary for anyone wishing to work in the home party business. Companies who want their independent sales consultants to be successful typically offer their consultants ongoing opportunities to learn and thrive. Product knowledge, lead generation, and effective promotional methods need to be a part of home party consultants’ training. Each of these areas will be discussed in detail below.

Consultants Know Your Direct Sales Products!

To begin, home party consultants need to be vigorously educated about the products that they will be selling. Having an elaborate party with food is fruitless if a salesperson is not very knowledgeable about his or her products. Those attending the parties are sure to have detailed questions about products as well as return policies, discounts, etc. To this end, the company employing independent consultants typically provides product training in the form of DVD manuals and online sessions.

Find Direct Selling Leads – Get Bookings!

party plan bookingsNext, lead generation is a very critical part of the training for direct selling party consultants. The parties will cease to go on without ongoing bookings. Salespeople are provided with techniques to help them get more people at their shows and to grow their mailing lists.  There is an unlimited supply of business out there  and you just need to know where to look and how to find party plan bookings! To provide an example of this, salespeople could be encouraged to hand out surveys at the end of their parties which ask attendees if they would like to be part of a mailing list. These repeat customers should be marketed to and encouraged to bring people to future parties. They should also be given incentives to host parties of their own.

Last but not least, party consultants should be trained in effectively using different promotional methods to market their product parties. For example, the companies that provide the products usually offer their consultants the use of websites either for free or for a small fee each month. These websites contain a lot of useful features, including the sending out of automatic emails with hyperlinks to the sites, which aid in promoting the consultants’ parties and products.

Party Plan Team Training Meetings

It is imperative that you attend your party plan company team training meetings.  One of the biggest mistakes that most direct sellers make is not going to their team meetings. In conclusion, it is critical for home party consultants to receive direct sales training. The training typically involves discussions on product knowledge, lead generation, and effective promotional methods.

Free Party Plan Training Tips

When you learn the proven systems that those that came before you have used you will get the same results.  Learn more direct sales and party plan specific training and motivation at the number one free direct selling training center on the web.  Deb Bixler provides proven systems that work for direct sellers and they will work for you.

Party Plan Motivation Sales Team Training Theme

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Keep Your Home Party Sales Team Motivated

Is the room almost empty at your party plan sales meetings? You can keep your team members coming back for more when you use fun meeting themes.  When your sales reps have fun at the meetings, they will keep coming back.  Consultants who come to meetings will make more money. When a direct seller is generating income from a  home business, she or he will not quit.

Party Plan Team Building Workshop

The sales team meeting theme called plant the seeds of change is a good team meeting topic to conduct anytime between January and May. Whether you do party plan or just direct selling, send your reps an invitation and tell them to bring a package of flower or lettuce seeds. Be a little bit mysterious about it and do not give them a clue as to what they are for. On meeting day you come prepared with little “add water” pots of peat moss or small inexpensive flower pots and potting soil.

Fun Team Building Activities

First the team activities will include planting the seeds and mingling with each other.  While everyone is having fun and planting their seeds, present the topic, which is: “What you do today affects your business most three months from now, just like your garden.”  The message is: “You must sow the seeds to reap the benefits, then  cultivate them just like your garden seeds” in order to grow your business for the future.

  • Keep the focus of the meeting on something specific that you plan to focus on as a sales organization.

After the seeds are planted, then break off into roundtable discussions about the concept of sowing your business seeds now, cultivating them for a couple of months and then harvesting your crop or enjoying your flowers.

Motivation For Party Plan Bookings

Your motivational topic could be more party bookings.

  • How can you sow the seeds now for bookings? Phone calls, fairs, expos, team booking blitz, customer care..
  • After you get the bookings how will you cultivate them? Follow up calls, postcard reminders, host coaching, reminder calls…
  • When the harvest comes how can you improve sales, find recruits, get bookings at the shows and provide awesome customer care? Discuss options and get your sales team’s feedback.

Motivate Home Party Sales Team

The meeting topic can focus on any results that you want. The invitations to your reps can be by USPS mail or email. As a matter of fact, I recommend that in order to keep your team motivated to come to meetings that you use a different technique of inviting your consultants every month.  When you keep them guessing they will always come back for more.  Keep them guessing so that they are always wondering “what is she/he up to now?!” Meeting makers make more money. Switch up your meetings using this and other sales team themes to motivate your team to come to meetings.

When you create fun team meeting topics you will have better attendance at your meeting. Better attendance means more successful consultants and greater team retention. Visit http://www.CreateACashFlowShow.com where you can learn more team training ideas.

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