Creating A Personal Website: Why My Company Site Might Not Be Enough.

January 22, 2009 · Filed Under Online Promotion · Comments Off on Creating A Personal Website: Why My Company Site Might Not Be Enough. 

When you are involved in a direct sales company, having a website can be a huge asset especially with people relying more and more on the internet for their information.  Most direct sales companies offer their sales consultants websites where their customers can find company information, place orders and sign up new members. Some companies offer their sites at no cost while others ask for a small monthly. However, if your company allows it, being able to sell your products outside your local area really opens up your chances to increase your income considerably.


A company-provided website can be a very convenient option for a direct seller. For a nominal fee you can have a website fully set up to begin taking orders and creating a down line. You might be wondering if it is so simple to get a website set up through your company, why consultants are making additional, personal websites to market their product.

While a company-made website is very easy to obtain there is really little customization that can occur with them. As many direct sales company consultants will tell you, personalized service is very important to being successful with your business. Because the only personal information a representative can add to a company-made site is usually their name and possibly an email address or phone number.  When a consultant makes their own separate websites to sell their company’s products they are able to add additional information about themselves, their service and their products.


With a custom-made website you can really allow your customers the chance to get to know you and your enthusiasm for the products you sell. What better way to make a sale than to build trust among your client base and let them know that you care about their satisfaction and are thrilled to be offering them quality products.

A personalized website will allow you to better inform your customers about the products you sell. For example if you sell children’s toys you can post articles on how beneficial educational toys are for a child’s development. Or if you sell spa products, let your customers know the potential benefits for their skin if they try the products you have for sale.  Selling home décor items and/or candles provides you the opportunity to show them how and where to use the products. The more familiar that someone feels they are with a product the more likely they are to make a purchase.  By providing this information for them you are the one benefiting from their decision to buy and they benefit by getting a well informed company representative who provides wonderful customer service.

So while using a company-provided website works just fine for many direct sales consultants, consider the added benefits of building a personalized website to use in tandem with it in order to further build your business. Make sure you are following company policies and have your sites approved in advance if needed.  Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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