Direct Sales Marketing At The Market

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Turning a Trip to the Market Into a Marketing Opportunity

direct sales marketingOne of the ways that you can measure your success as a direct sales consultant is to see how often you can “sell” your direct sales business, not only during a direct sales party but during mundane, day-to-day tasks like paying your bills and visiting the local grocery store. While it’s easy to make sales and generate direct sales leads when you’ve got a captive, RSVP’ed audience staring up at you just waiting for you to make your pitch, it’s another thing entirely when you’re standing in line next to a frazzled mom counting coupons at the check-out counter. However, once you’ve learned to share your story to just about anyone, just about anywhere, you’ve made leaps and bounds towards making your direct sales business an entire direct sales career.

The Direct Sales Consultant Elevator Speech

In the world of a direct sales consultant, one of the most powerful tools you can carry around with you is known as your elevator speech. This is a simple yet powerful message that you can share in about the space of time it takes to make a quick trip in the elevator. It is important because many times you’ll meet hot prospects in less than ideal locations and if you don’t seize the opportunity, it will pass you by. You can look online for examples of successful elevator speeches, but it’s important that you customize yours so that it really captures who you are and what you do. Next, practice saying it in front of the mirror, with a timer until you’ve got it down to under a minute and a half and free of any “ums” or stutters.

Combine it With a Business Card

Once you’ve aced your elevator speech, the next order of business is making sure that you’re armed with a great business card. This should involve more than just a name and phone number, and should instead capture the attention and imagination of those you give it to. Many times you can include a few tips or ideas on the back, or a great quote or question that really grabs the reader’s interest and won’t let go until they call, email or visit your website for more information. Add the delivery of your business card into the broadcast of your elevator speech for extra impact.

Anyone can be a potential lead, if you know how to turn ordinary opportunities into extraordinary business situations. That frazzled mom who kept her head together in line might make a great host for your next direct sales party, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask!

Marketing Your Direct Sales Business!

There really are an unlimited amount of FREE leads out there, you just need to be willing to go to any lengths to get them. When you take advantage of every direct sales lead opportunity you will always have a full calendar and have a consistent income from home.

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