7 Tips to Success in Direct Sales

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It’s true that once you become a direct sales consultant, there are many areas you’ll need to focus on in order to make a profit. You’ll need to be able to recruit people, sell products, host parties, and advertise yourself, to name just a few. But how can you really be successful in your direct sales opportunity? With these seven simple tips, you’ll be successful in every area!

Manage Your Time Wisely

Make sure each minute you devote to your business, you’re truly focused and doing something to take your business forward. Whether it’s cold calling, visiting customers, advertising, or ordering product, make the best use of the time you have to spend. Time wasted is money wasted, so it’s important to be as productive as possible in direct sales. Add to this the fact that you also have family to spend time with and a life to live outside your business, and time management skills become even more important.

Make To-Do Lists and Stick to Them

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re in direct sales. There is truly so much to do and it’s up to you to do it all. To ensure you get it all done, write down a list every day of the things you need to complete that day. Remember to keep your expectations realistic and write down only what you can realistically do in one day. Making a list that’s too long then not completing your list will only discourage you. Cross things off one by one as you complete them, then when your list is finished you can take satisfaction in a day’s work well done.

Keep a Positive Attitude

you’ll never be successful if you’re miserable–in direct sales or any other business. If you hate dealing with people and you don’t like selling products, direct sales may not be the career for you. Direct salespeople need to love what they do and be happy doing it. Customers will quickly pick up your attitude, and having a positive one will influence many more people to buy from you. After all, we all want to do business with someone who’s a pleasure to deal with and who has a positive attitude.

Take Charge of Your Success

Never lose sight of the fact that your success is ultimately up to you. Gaining new customers and making a profit won’t happen if you sit back and hope that your sales start to grow. Look for opportunities to sell whether it’s at a party you host or while waiting in line at the grocery store. Always be open to opportunity, and you’ll be surprised where you find it.

Designate Your Work Space

When you’re at work, even if you’re working from home, you need to have a designated area away from interruptions such as the television, computer (other than what you need for work), ringing telephones, and other distractions. Make a space that will allow you to focus and accomplish what you need to do. The more time spent focusing on your direct sales business, the more success you’ll achieve. And a quiet work area that lets you focus will help considerably.

Become Your Own Financial Advisor

When you’re in direct sales, you not only need to keep track of the commissions you’re making but also any money that you may owe the company for sample products or such, and any expenses you may have. You must act as the middle man for the transfer of the money from the customer to the company. In any direct sales business, there’s lot f money changing hands at any given point. Because of this, you’ll need to become especially good at keeping track of finances so you know what you owe who, and when it’s due.

Get Excited!

Don’t be afraid to be passionate and excited about what you sell. This excitement will instantly rub off on your customers and they’ll start to wonder what you’re excited about. Once they give you a chance to show them, they might be interested enough to buy your products–or even start selling, too. Your excitement instantly increases your chances of success in direct sales.

There are many other ways to achieve success in direct sales. But these seven will get you started and help ensure you’re on the road to success right away!

Two HOT Secrets for Direct Sales Consultants

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Direct sales can be a tough industry. You, of course, want to make as much money as possible. The problem is – so does everyone else.

To be successful you have to work smarter than your competitors. If you use these two direct sales secrets, you’ll be far more successful than most of your competition.

Your first task is to Brand Yourself. Let’s use McDonalds as an example. Anybody can sell hamburgers. Service and quality will vary depending on where you buy a burger.

However, if you walk into a McDonalds store anywhere in the world, you know what quality of food and service to expect. Why? Because McDonalds has spent a great deal of time and money creating their Brand. Everyone is familiar with the yellow logo because of their comprehensive marketing strategy.

Branding yourself isn’t hard. Think of the best qualities you believe people should have. Successful people usually share similar traits. They are:

• honest
• happy
• positive
• reliable
• organized
• busy
• successful
• motivated
• focused
• knowledgeable
• a good leader
• inspirational
• etc.

Generally, people don’t buy products just for the sake of it. They make a purchase because they have confidence in the person selling to them.

Picture twin brothers. Bill is dressed in torn jeans, a ripped T-shirt with stains, and has bare feet. Bob is dressed in a pair of neatly pressed trousers, an wrinkle-free business shirt, socks and black leather shoes.

They’re selling the same product at the same price. Who would you buy from?

That’s what branding is all about. Showing people what standard of goods and services they’ll get from you.

The second hot tip is to forget about making money. Read that sentence again. It’s not a mistake. Nobody cares how much money you make. Except you.

Your customers want to know one important thing. What’s in it for me? Commonly known as WIIFM.

Let’s use Tupperware as an example. Most people are familiar with the overall concept of having various containers of differing sizes and shapes in which to store and serve food, in particular.

Your customer wants to know what a particular container will do to make life easier for her. That’s why product knowledge is vital. You need to have answers if you want to make sales.

We’ll use Bill as our example again. He created his brand and now wants to learn the second secret. We were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. It’s so we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Bill hosts a open house in his home one evening and demonstrates a variety of Tupperware products. Apart from talking, he’s also listening to questions directed at him and comments made among his guests. He observes which products seem to be the most popular.

Then Bill uses his new skill. He learns Mary needs some new containers since her family has grown.

Bill shows Mary the set of six containers that she had been eyeing during the presentation. The ones that caused her to light up when she saw that most of them would fit inside the others in the set saving space.

The sale has already been made, Mary just doesn’t realize it yet. Bill shows her the instruction book and the features list, which includes the fact that these containers are microwave-safe, childproof and airtight. Mary places her order.

Bill made this sale because he listened and watched. Mary made the decision herself and Bill simply offered a little more information to seal the deal.

Somebody very wise once wrote – If you help enough other people get what they want, you can have anything you want. That’s never more true than in direct sales. That’s a pretty hot secret of its own, don’t you think?

Smart Ways to Attract More Direct Sales Customers

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Direct sales can a challenging way to work, but the rewards along with flexibility in terms of marketing strategies and advertising techniques makes it worthwhile hands down. Before the Internet, marketing any form of direct sales product was strictly limited to people you could contact within your local area. Today, the potential market is practically unlimited.

If you haven’t already signed up with a direct sales company, look for a solid company with a good product line to sell. Ideally, items that are used every day work best. Luxury items are harder to sell, especially with the economy the way it is, though it can still be done.

But once you know what you plan to sell, let’s examine some offline methods for attracting more customers:

Your first source of customers is friends and family. Contact them and tell them what you’re doing. Invite them to a demonstration in your home one evening where they can see the products live. Ask for referrals of people they know who can use what you sell.

Put notices up at work, in local libraries, shops, schools, community centers and anywhere else you can think of. Ask friends and family to help you by doing the same. That way you’re broadening your potential market base.

Do a mailing in your local neighborhood if you can afford it and invite your neighbors to an open house. Also offer a catalogue so they can see the products and place an order if they’re too busy to attend.

Hand out business cards to everyone you meet. You never know when you may come across a potential customer. Place a small ad in local newspapers. That’s a great way to target a lot of people with very little effort. The more you advertise, the better your business will be.

There are lots of online methods, too. The first thing is create your own website. If you can’t do this yourself, find someone who’ll do it for you. An online presence is vital to your business success and will increase your credibility with potential customers.

You have to brand yourself before you can ever hope to brand a product. People are more likely to become customers if they see that you’re a reputable person. A professional designed website also shows you’re a genuine business owner and gives visitors a better understanding of who you are.

Place classified ads on various Websites. Make sure that any online ad you place has a direct link back to your website. Have a catalogue on your site so people can see what you have to offer. Any emails you send out, whether they’re to friends or strangers, should have a link to your site.

Find local Websites and newsletters online. Subscribe and place your ads there. Lots of people choose to receive electronic information, so if you cover your online and offline bases, you stand a far greater chance of increasing customer awareness of what you’re doing. This will inevitably lead to more sales.

Use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to expand your business. It’s very easy to let lots of people know what you’re doing through these huge social media sites. The great thing is that these methods don’t actually take much time or money to implement.

Join online forums related to your product line. The majority of your customers will be women, so find forums where women congregate and make new friends.

A big part of direct sales is offering others the same opportunity to make money that you were offered. Always be on the lookout for people who want the chance to earn money and work at home. Helping others succeed will also benefit you in the long run.

These are just some of the ways you can attract more customers for your direct sales business. Everyone develops their own techniques over time. Keep working at it and your business will continue to flourish and grow.

How to Properly Distribute Direct Sales Samples

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The importance of using samples to promote your direct sales business can’t be exaggerated. Having samples on hand that you can offer to potential customers, new prospects and recruits, and just about anyone who will take one can be a great way to entice customers into buying that product. And even if they don’t buy that product, it might make them interested enough to look into other products that you sell.

But what many direct sales consultants don’t realize is that handing out samples can actually hurt your business instead of helping it if it’s not done properly. Here are some tips on how to properly distribute samples, so you get the business you want.

The most important thing to remember when distributing samples is to do it professionally Simply tossing a product in a small sandwich bag and giving it to a customer will certainly send a message, but not the right one. Packaging samples this way will only tell customers that you haven’t put any real thought into the samples you’re handing out.

Your motives will also be transparent. Customers will know when they receive your poorly wrapped package that you’re only looking for a sale and you really aren’t interested in giving them a product that will genuinely help them. They may still use the sample product, but they most likely won’t call you to order a full size of the same–even if they decide to buy it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your profit on fancy, expensive sample packaging. A roll of inexpensive cellophane wrap and some ribbons will give you everything you need to professionally distribute samples.

Many direct sales companies have samples of their products that their representatives can purchase to hand out. If the company you’re selling for doesn’t offer this option, or you’re running your own company, choose a larger product such as a gift basket that’s stuffed with smaller items. Open up the basket and repackage the smaller items into smaller, individual items. This will cost you a small investment, of course, but the orders that come in because of your efforts will more than make up for it.

Another important item to remember is to act fast. Whether you’ve just met someone and want to give them a sample, or whether a customer has specifically asked you for one, send it to her as soon as possible. Having a customer wait a month to receive a sample of your product will cost impact.

Your prospect may not remember meeting you after that long a time, and she may wonder why you’re sending her a sample. Or she may be so discouraged that you took so long to get the sample out to her that she’s no longer confident buying from you. Any time you want to send someone a sample, do it as soon as possible while it’s still fresh in your mind–and theirs!

Everyone loves getting something free. And offering free samples is a great way to give your customers just that. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on samples or even give them out to every customer or prospect you meet. But when customers know that you’re willing to hand out freebies, they will certainly become more interested in your product. And when they’re in the market for a certain product, you’ll be the first one they call.

Launching a Website to Improve Your Direct Sales

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Just about every business today has a website, and there’s a very good reason for it! When your direct sales business is online, you instantly have access to millions of people. This is something you can’t do through parties or cold calling.

But many people still shy away from launching their own website because they think that you have to be technological savvy or know their way around computer programming. That may have once been the case, but the good news is that today, anyone can have her own website. Even if you’ve never heard of Metatags, SEO, or HTML code before in your life, you can have a site!

Here’s how to make money from your direct sales with your own website.

The first thing you’ll need to know, of course, is how to actually launch your site. If you know much about the Internet and anything about programming or coding, this will be a cinch. But it’s easy even if you don’t have that knowledge. All you really need to do is find a great domain name for your site and find a website host. Most hosting companies will now set up your entire website for you.

Then, you just go in and enter content and information about your company and your products and post anything about your company that you want your customers to know.

So, what should put on your new site?

One of the most obvious things you can include on your own website is information about the products you sell. Post pictures and prices as well as detailed descriptions of each product. If you have a lot of products you want to sell on your site, you can group them into different sections. This will make it easier for your customers to find their way around and make it easier for you to keep everything organized.

Another great idea is to suggest other products when someone looks at something similar. For instance, if you sell body care products, post a suggestion for facial moisturizer underneath and on the same page as the body lotion. This will not only get you more sales but it will also remind customers what else they might need. And it will help them keep you in mind for future purchases if they don’t need the items right then.

But you don’t even need to sell anything on your website in order to profit from it. Your website is a great place to advertise your business. Post all your party dates, several ways to contact you, and even general information about your products. Imagine how much many responses you’ll get by posting info on your website rather than just tacking up flyers at the grocery store. (Although having a website is no reason to stop doing these things either!)

Don’t worry that not having product on your website means you won’t make money from it. If you have a successful website, you can make money from it even without a single product listed. Do this through advertising. Use programs such as Google AdSense or sell advertising on your site. This is a whole new way to make money for your direct sales business!

Owning and maintaining a website doesn’t take much time. And when you find how it increases the profits for your direct sales business, both by selling more product and by selling advertising on your site, you’ll wonder why you didn’t launch one sooner… even if you don’t know a thing about being a webmaster!

5 Simple Ways to Keep in Touch with Direct Sales Customers

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Getting a customer for your direct sales business can be hard work. So when you do get an interested customer, you definitely want to keep them. One of the best ways to do that is simply by staying in touch.

Keeping in touch with customers helps ensure they’ll keep coming back to you whenever they need a product like the ones you sell. Plus, keeping in touch makes customers feel valued, which is another incentive to get them to keep returning to your business.

They question is how to keep in touch? If you’re not a natural communicator, you may think you need some big elaborate plan for contacting your customers. But you really don’t!

Here are five easy ways to let your customers know you’re still in business and encourage them to bring you their business again and a again.

1. Follow up Phone Calls

After you’ve sold product to a customer, be sure to call them back shortly after the sale. Let them know that it was nice meeting them, and ask them if they are happy with their purchase. The same applies when you hold in-home parties. After you host a party, call every guest within one to two days to simply thank them for attending.

2. Notes and Cards for No Apparent Reason

Customers might expect a follow-up call after a party or sale. But they definitely won’t expect a card from you for no apparent reason. So surprise them! Send a card to every former customer about every two months. Attach a simple note just to let them know you’re thinking about them. This will not only make customers feel important, but it will also keep you in their minds the next time they need something. And that’s the whole point.

3. Say Thank You

Whenever a customer buys something from you, remember to send her a thank-you card after the purchase has arrived. Sending a simple card lets your customers know that you truly do appreciate their business and that you aren’t in this just for the quick sale.

4. Put the Spark Back in Old Relationships

If you have customers you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile, send them a note or a quick phone call right away to let them know that you miss them and you’re thinking about them. Ask how they’ve been and if there’s anything you can do for them. Even if there’s not at the time, it might remind the customer that you’re still in business and keep you in mind when they do need something.

5. Celebrate with Your Customers

What better time to send a card and a note than on a birthday, anniversary, or other big moment in someone’s life. Be diligent about noting these big moments in each customer’s life in your planner, then commemorate each one. Even if it’s just a small computer-printed card, it lets your customer know you’ve remembered.

Keeping in touch with your customers is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your income and build your direct sales business. Not only will it let customers know that you care and appreciate them, but it will also place you in the forefront of their minds when they need one of your products.

Sending notes, cards or emails, or making phone calls builds real, vital relationships with your customers, not just sales. And from the customer’s side of things, that’s what we all want. By building relationships and strengthening those you already have, you’ll find yourself searching for customer leads much less often.

What Makes a Good Direct Sales Recruit?

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If you’re trying to build your direct sales business, you probably understand the value of recruiting new direct sales team members to build a downline. Doing so will ensure you not only earn money for your own sales, but that you’ll earn a percentage of team sales as well. Who can beat a deal like that?

Not everyone is cut out to be a direct sales consultant, however. And wasting your time trying to recruit people who simply cannot or will not sale is fruitless. If you learn what to look for in a new recruit, you can save yourself the headache of signing up people who will ultimately only leave and kickstart your recruiting efforts by finding people who will really build your team. Here are some things to keep in mind…

Look for people who are passionate about your products. Someone who has an attitude that they can take ’em or leave ’em isn’t your best bet for a company representative. Find people (ideally customers) who love the products you sell and want to tell everyone they know about them.

Ensure your recruits have the time to devote to the business. While someone with a full schedule has the advantage of being able to connect with more people, someone whose schedule is so overloaded that your new recruit can’t get everything done may not be the best person to choose.

The ideal direct sales consultant is someone a vision and goals for the future. She can see herself driving that company provided car, taking that free trip she won for the highest sales, or even paying for her daughter’s college education with the money she makes. Whatever her dream or vision is, what’s important is that she has one. And has the desire to turn it into reality.

A good salesperson (and after all, that’s what you’re looking for!), is a good listener. It’s someone who realizes that knowing what the customer wants and then providing it is how to make sales and build a successful business. If your potential recruit can’t listen long enough to understand the program, it’s highly unlikely she’ll listen to her customers either.

Look for someone who is ethical, honest and operates with integrity. Not only will those traits make her more pleasurable to work with, but they’ll help her do a better job servicing her customers and building her own team.

Encourage questions. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve covered everything in your presentation. Ask your potential recruit if she has questions or if you need to clarify something for her. It’s better to cover any questions you can before she signs up than leave her with a misconception about the company or its policies which will only cause her to drop out later.

Use your website to recruit. Post a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your site along with a contact form so prospective team members can contact you. Respond promptly to any questions and weed out those who aren’t serious about building a business with your company.

Being a good team leader will help make a better recruit, so learn all you can about leadership. Become an expert at communicating with your team members–before and after they sign up. Send out email newsletters, inform them of company sales and specials, share selling tips and let them know how much you appreciate them. After all, a successful team makes you successful!

While you may not find the perfect direct sales consultant every time you recruit someone, knowing these principles of what a good consultant is and how to recognize one, will help to ensure that you pick more potentially successful recruits than not. That, in turn, will not only ensure their success but your own as well.

13 Recruiting Tips to Help Your Team Grow

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When you work with a direct sales team you need to come up with ways to help them recruit people to their teams. Sometimes you can use the same techniques over and over again and you’ll find that your crew will continue to grow. Sometimes that isn’t the case and you need to come up with new and creative ways to make this happen.

Here are 13 tips that’ll help you grow your team.

1. New recruits are usually very excited about starting out. When this happens you need to make sure you’re there for them all the way. Help them stay excited by working with them to grow and expand.

2. Encourage your recruits when they are down. Maybe they have experienced a few no’s all in a row and this can bring them down. When this happens you run the risk of losing them. When you encourage them and show them how to get out of the rut, they’ll feel better and when that next yes comes along they’ll thank you over and over for getting them through the rut.

3. Continually check in with your recruits. Call or email them at least once a week to make sure things are going good and answer any questions they may have.

4. Set up a team call once a month. This can be for your leaders or for any and all people in your downline. You might consider two calls a month. Do one for your direct line and then do one for everyone on your team. Encourage your team to attend and then answer questions, help with problems, and show them you care.

5. Stay in constant communication with your team. Share your Yahoo Messenger screen name with them, share your cell phone or Skype information with them, and give them your email so they can contact you at any time with questions or concerns they may have.

6. Share your business hours with your team and make sure they understand that you only work during these hours. You might have to be a little lenient at times when you have a new recruit, but encourage them to work during your hours if possible.

7. Show your team how to grow through marketing. Show them how to use social media, forums, and other online advertising to grow their business.

8. Share tips and tricks you have learned to grow their business. These can include a newsletter, flyers, and business cards. You can share online and offline tips with your team.

9. Share new information you learn. This new information may come from someone else or it may come from you. You may learn this information from a teleseminar you were a part of or you may have attended a local networking group. Sharing with your team will help everyone grow.

10. Create a team training site and offer training to your team. This may come from YouTube video’s, pre-recorded calls, or live calls.

11. If the company you work with offers weekly or monthly specials, find a way to remind your team about these. Creating a newsletter or email that reminds each of your team members about this will help them remind their team and customers as well.

12. Remind your team members to send out cards or emails to their recruits or potential recruits or customers for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Gather this information and create a spreadsheet or Rolodex with it, so it’ll be easy to access.

13. Encourage your recruits on a regular basis. When you continue to encourage them, they’ll continue to grow because they’ll want to make you happy and they’ll want to hear the great things you’ll say when they do.

These 13 tips will help you grow your team. Recruiting others is the only way to grow, so you must do it in a way that will help you continue to grow week after week. Use these tips and ones you can come up on your own to help your team. you’ll have great success and so will your downline.

4 Simple Strategies to Market Your Direct Sales Business

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We all know that the way to grow a direct sales business is to grow your team. But, you need to remember that’s only one portion of your growth. You also need to increase your sales or you won’t grow financially.

There are a number of ways to increase your sales. When you market your business you’ll see the growth you’re looking for. Here are some ways to grow your direct sales business when you market online. Some of these strategies you may have considered while others may have never entered your mind.

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to grow your direct sales business. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a free marketing method that will make a huge difference in your website traffic, and ultimately, sales. you’ll want to write articles that are in line with your business topic and the products you offer.

For example, if you offer candles, write articles about different uses for candles, how to burn them correctly, and how they can help warm your home. If you sell nontoxic cleaning products, write articles that show people what toxic cleaning products do to your home and family.

2. Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are great for growing your business. Find your target market on these sites so you can follow them. Offer help when you can and communicate with your online friends. When you do so, you’ll build trust and they’ll feel comfortable talking with you, referring business to you, and purchasing from you.

Share your blog posts and articles on these sites as well. This will help build trust with your followers and will get your information online in more places. Incoming links are great for search engine ranking.

3. Online Parties

Online parties are a great way to increase sales. You don’t have to be in the same location as your potential customers when you host an online party. All you need is a chatroom and a headset or microphone. You can do an online party without a mic, but it may not go as smoothly. When you have a headset, in particular, you can give your presentation verbally, rather than having to type it out.

Offer prizes and use your website for online games. Ask questions about things that can be found on your site. Give a prize to the first person to answer the question correctly. Mail the prize to the winner or offer a discount or free gift that can be rewarded when she places an order.

4. Special Reports and Ebooks

When you write special reports and ebooks, you’ll increase your exposure online and even more people will learn to trust you. Write a special report that offers a brief overview of tips that you include in detail in an ebook. Give the special report away free, then, at the end of the report, tell readers how they can get more detail on each tip by purchasing the ebook.

Another option is to market your ebook and tell buyers if they purchase from you using a certain code you’ll give them the special report free. Or offer the special report free when visitors sign up for your email list and then offer the ebook at a discounted rate.

Marketing your business is crucial when you want to grow and take your sales to the next level. Use these four simple suggestions and you’ll see success almost immediately. Then share these ideas with your team and help them grow at the same time as you!

Looking For Your Next Hostess?

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Hostesses are the people who help you the most when it comes to profiting from your direct sales business since they’re the ones who schedule your parties. Hostesses do a lot of work when they hold a party for you.

The hostess is the one who sets up for the party, sends out invitations, calls her friends and family and opens her home to guests. Pretty much all you have to do is set up your products, show them off, and collect the orders.

So make the most of your hostess package to let your hostess know how much you value her help. Something small can often make all the difference in the world in helping your hostess feel appreciated. Here are two suggestions for you.

1. Incentives

Your hostess wants to know she’s getting something out of the party, too. Inviting her friends and socializing with them is great, but typically, not enough. Show her you care by offering her something free or at a good discount on her personal order.

Most direct sales companies offer hostess specials, but if you offer something above that, she’ll know how much you, personally, appreciate her. She’ll also tell her friends and be willing to hold more parties for you.

2. Help

Offer to help your hostess, either by hosting the party at your home or arriving early and helping her set up. Sometimes busy moms have trouble getting ready for a home party and just the help alone may be the deciding factor in getting her to book a show.

As direct sales business owners, do what it takes to make a party happen. Even if that means going to someone’s home to help them set up the chairs and the food!

Finding hostesses can be a challenge. Here are some ideas that will help you find new hostesses or bring your former hostesses back for another show.

• Hold your own party

You play the hostess and invite your friends and family members. When you show your attendees all the perks that come with being a hostess many of them will consider it. Show them what to do and how to do it and they’ll see that it’s not as hard as they might have feared.

• Networking events

A lot of communities hold networking events once a month. Attend these events and see what you can do about finding people who are interested in your products. Make sure you talk to people about their business and their lives before you throw your own business out to them.

If your community doesn’t have one of these type events, consider hosting a networking event of your own. You’ll have full control of who’s invited and how it works, and be able to run it the way you want.

• Schools or grocery stores

When you’re waiting at the school for your children, strike up a conversation with another mom and see what you can do about getting her interested in holding a party for you. You can do the same thing when you’re standing in line at the grocery store. Make sure you have business cards and flyers to hand out.

Also, write down her name and phone number if she doesn’t’ have a card to give you in return so you can contact her later. And write down the place you met and any other important information that she shares with you for future reference.

When you call, you can mention some details in your conversation and your new friend will feel more comfortable holding a party because she’ll “know” you.

Finding hostesses can be challenging at times. But if you’re creative and use the tools available to you, you’ll find it’s easier than you may have thought originally. don’t be afraid to ask people you meet if they would be willing to hold a party for you. Some people may say no, but you won’t know until you ask. And you may find some of your best hostesses that way.

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