Frugal Moms

I’m not going to vacuum ’til Sears makes one you can ride on. -Roseanne Barr-

Many thrifty moms are looking for frugal tips or ways to make money. On this page, you’ll find articles for frugal moms to save money in each of these areas as well as resources we recommend.

Basic Tips for Being Frugal
From using what you have to visiting secondhand shops, you’ll find resources to help.

Frugal Meals for Thrifty Moms
Simply adding a few frugal meals to your menu planning can save you big money.

Fix My Credit Problems
How to get out of your Credit Card Slump

Frugal Parenting
Disneyland or a day at the community park?

Thrifty Pampering for Frugal Moms
Frugal moms deserve to feel like royalty, too!

Frugal Home Ideas
Home Decorating on the Cheap!

Cheap Christmas Ideas – Christmas does not need to cost a fortune.

Save Money on Taxes
How to make sure you’re not overpaying.

How Can I Reduce My Debt
Start reducing your debt with just a few dollars a week.

How To Reduce Credit Card Debt Quickly
Find out how you can get out of credit card debt in no time.

Why Is A Budget Necessary
Do you really need a family budget?

Save Gas While Driving
Get more miles for each gallon of gas.

Financial Planning College Or Retirement
What should you plan and save for – college or retirement?

Free Surveys that Pay Cash

Recommended Books:

Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month

Frozen Assets Lite and Easy

Other Frugal Mom Stuff:

FoodSaver – say goodbye to freezer burn — forever!

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More Frugal Articles…


Frugal Moms

Hang Your Laundry Out To Dry – There Are Quite A Few Benefits
Cheap Date Night Movies for Married Couples
Frugal Date Night Movies to Make you Laugh
Recycling as a Frugal Way of Life
Effective Time Management for Frugal Moms
Natural Sunscreen for Frugal Moms
The ABCs of Frugal Living
Save Money Surfing the Web
Get Frugally Active
Becoming More Self-Sufficient
Free is Better than Frugal!
You Can Live Frugally Without Being Cheap
Developing a Frugal Mindset
Unusual and Wacky Ways to Save Money
Saving Water Equals Saving Money
Save Money by Hosting a Swap
Extreme Solutions for the Financially Strapped
Smart Yard Sale Shopping for Frugal Moms
Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaners for Frugal Moms
Declutter to Reduce Moving Expenses
8 Ways to Save Money on Postage
10 Ideas for Frugal Scrapbooks
Is Television Costing More than You Think?
Eliminating Distractions in Your Work at Home Office… Ha!
How An Organized Pantry Will Save You Money – Do It Now In 4 Easy Steps
Save Money And Time – Shop The Net
Surviving and Saving When You’re Sick
When Does School Start?
Chill Out This Summer
Packing Food for Road Trips
Tips for Inexpensive Graduation Parties
When Daughters’ Financial Emergencies Cause Financial Strain
Too Many Oranges?
Stop Eating Your Way Into Debt!
Frugal Romantic Travel
Romance on a Budget – Love Is Patient, Kind, and Cheap!
Easy Budgeting Tips for Moms
How to Cut Postage Costs
Young, Fabulous and Broke?
Save Gas While Driving
Our Budget Basics
7 Tips for Thrifty Living
How to Reduce Bank Fees
Use What You Have!
Save at Secondhand Stores
10 Tips to Help You Save More Money
How to Grow Your Very Own Money Tree
10 Ways to save $50 per month: The art of pinching a penny until it screams


Direct Selling Home Office Deductions
Track Your Finances with a Bill Paying Schedule
Organizing your Finances
Frugal Budgeting for Frugal Living
Successful Debt Reduction Strategies for Frugal Moms
12 Ways to Shave $100’s off Your Budget Every Month
How to organize your Finances
10 Best Debt-Busting Holiday Strategies for 2008
Credit & Divorce
The PDQ Factor
3 Steps to Eliminating Debt
What Do I Do if My Debt Payments Are Higher Than My Income?
25 Ways to Save Money In Your Household Budget
Credit Card Debt Reduction Circa 1992: Nothing Much Has Changed
How to Set up a Budget

Frugal Beauty Tips

Losing Weight on a Budget
Looking Beautiful for Less
Frugal Hair Care
Beauty Tips and Tricks for Frugal Women
10 Ways to Look Younger Without Cosmetic Surgery
Living Well on a Budget
Lip Gloss Recipes
Free Bath Salt Recipes for a Spa Experience at Home
Foot Soak Recipe
Home Facial Recipes

Frugal Entertaining

5 Creative Low Cost Food Related Gift Ideas for Children’s Parties
Take The Stress Out Of The Holidays With Meal Planning
Frugal Three Course Company Menu
Entertaining Children’s Birthday Parties
Vacation Solutions for the Budget-Impaired
Frugal Party Theme: Hobo Holiday
Frugal Party Theme: I’m Your Biggest Fan Birthday Party
Frugal Parties: Lots of Fun for Little Cash
Budget Friendly Birthday Parties
On The Fly Entertaining
Make A Plan, Save A Buck

Frugal Holidays

Take The Stress Out Of The Holidays With Meal Planning
Frugal Holiday Decorating Ideas
Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas From The Kitchen
Easy Holiday Baking – Use Your Freezer
Great Gifts Under $5
Delicious Fourth of July Recipes for Frugal Moms
Enjoy a Frugal Fun-filled Fourth of July
Frugal Father’s Day Gifts
10 Meaningful Homemade Gift Ideas for a Frugal Family Christmas
25 Low Cost Or No Cost Ways to Celebrate the Season
Making Your Holiday Dollar Go Further At The Dollar Store
Organize Your Desk and Don’t Sacrifice Style
Organizing for the Holidays- Save time and money
A Sweet Smelling Bargin
Be Creative With Halloween Decorations!
Frighteningly Frugal Fun!
Bunnies and Ham and Eggs, Oh My!
Easter Egg-stravaganza!
The $7 Gourmet Valentine’s Dinner for Two
Valentine’s Day On A Dime

Frugal Home

Frugal Holiday Decorating Ideas
Simple Decorating Ideas for Frugal Moms
Give Yourself a “New” Bathroom for Under $100
Small Frugal Changes for Your Home
Thrifty Storage Solutions
Decorating Your Home with Candles
Frugal Home Decorating with Recycled Jeans
Simple Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Decor
Frugal Organization Tips for a Clutter-free Home
Frugal Decor to Enhance Your Wallspace
Frugal Decorating Ideas
How Clutter Chases Money Away

Frugal Meals

Kids Will Love These Frozen Smoothies For Snack
Quick Meals Using Ground Beef
30 Day Cooking – What If It Isn’t For You?
Take The Stress Out Of The Holidays With Meal Planning
Easy Holiday Baking – Use Your Freezer
Seven Family Dinners Under $5 Each
Healthy Eating on a Frugal Budget
Dressing up a Plain Hot Dog
Surviving Garden Overload
Stretch Your Family Budget with Rice
Are Sales and Using Coupons Really Saving You Money?
Quick & Delicious Meals with 4 Ingredients or Less
Save Money with Crock Pot Cooking
Feed a Family of Four for Less Than $5 Per Meal
Newman’s Own Dressings Make Cooking A Breeze
Quinoa Super Food = Whole Grain Options
5 Ways Never To Eat Plain Old Leftovers Again
Stick With Your New Year’s Diet
10 Restaurant-Style Meals You can Create At Home
40 Painless Ways To Trim The Grocery Budget
20 Organic Foods That Are Not Worth The Extra Cost
5 Simple Ways to Use Canned Black Beans when Frugality Rules
To Roast or Not to Roast!
Acres of Apples, Frugal to the Core
Popsicle Paradise!
Feeding a Family for $300 a month?
The $7 Gourmet Valentine’s Dinner for Two
Frugal Meals
Frugal Grocery Shopping
Quick Kids’ Meals
Healthy Kids’ Meals
Cheap Party Food – Cold Pasta Salad
Cheap Party Food – Throw A Great Party Without Spending A Fortune
Banish Boring Brown Bag Lunches
Frugal Nutritious Snacks for Children
Freezer Cooking – What is THAT all about?
Stocking Your Pantry: Meals in Minutes
Save Money and Grow Your Own Herbs
Cheap Romantic Meals
Thrifty Frugal Meals
Frugal Meals for Thrifty Moms

Frugal Parenting

Kids Will Love These Frozen Smoothies For Snack
Making Room in Your Budget for Some Frugal Summer Fun
Creative Ways to Recycle CDs
Frugal Parenting Tips for Sending the Kids Back to School
30 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer
Teaching Your Children to Save
40 Free and Low-Cost Ideas for Family Fun
Clothing Your Kids on a Budget
Frugal Preschool Fun
Budget Friendly Birthday Parties
Cost of Raising Baby on the Cheap
Save Money:How to Make Baby Food
Money Integrity: Teach Your Children Well
Frugal Family Fun: Making Memories on a Budget
Frugal Living and Kids

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